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Fund Placement Services


StarBridge works with specialized global alternative asset managers who seek to diversify their investor base to include Canadian investors (i.e., pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, outsourced CIO groups and family offices). StarBridge combines its consultative approach with its deep industry experience and investor relationships across Canada, to ensure an efficient and successful fundraising process. As a trusted advisor, we establish long-term partnerships with fund managers we collaborate with, and add value beyond the fundraising process. We work on a select number of non-competing strategies to ensure a successful fundraising program for all our managers.


  • Planning: We do extensive planning before formal fundraising commences, including thorough manager due diligence, advising on fund structures, terms and positioning, and preparing strategic marketing and comprehensive investor due-diligence materials. We also identify, qualify and prioritize investors, and develop targeted approaches that are strategically aligned with each investor’s portfolio and strategy.   


  • Fundraising and Closing: We engage investors and consultants across Canada by positioning the fund manager’s unique strategy, to facilitate meaningful dialogues between prospects and the manager. To further advance the process, we assist investors with due diligence to guide them through to closing. As part of a targeted outreach, we support fund managers with investor profiles, including insights on each investor’s portfolio and strategy, and give valuable guidance on prospect feedback, including detailed and timely fundraising status reports.


  • Post-Closing: Post closing, we continue to enhance our managers’ brands and unique strategies in the market, by keeping them top-of-mind across our investor network. We are also actively involved in providing guidance to fund managers regarding ongoing communications and relationship management with limited partners and prospects, including positioning for their next fund.


Direct Transaction Services


StarBridge creates proprietary investment opportunities that we discreetly introduce to our Canadian investor network by targeting management teams of growing businesses, which primarily operate in StarBridge’s themed sectors. StarBridge also selectively provides value-added consultative services in alternative assets to our investor network.


  • Proprietary Investment Opportunities: StarBridge sources proprietary investment opportunities globally with a focus on the following key themes: 

    • Food, water, agriculture, timberland, carbon

    • Clean energy, clean transportation, energy transition

    • Smart and sustainable cities

    • Climate-related technology, software and services

    • Healthcare technology (e.g., digital health, med-tech, bio-tech)

We identify potential direct investment opportunities globally, which are aligned with the investment focus of our investor network.


  • Value-Added Investor Services: StarBridge also provides value-added services relating to alternative asset classes to support our investor network, including research reports and presentations on certain sectors and strategies, and acquisition due-diligence support. 

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